CBC News reports: Prime Minister Stephen Harper agrees to G7 ‘decarbonization’ by 2100, which is to say that the problem of anthropogenic carbon emissions, if it is a problem, can be set aside for a generation or two while we see how things turn out.

This, needless to say, has left the Greenies exhaling carbon dioxide furiously, resulting rather surprisingly in something of a vindication for iLucretius, who in 1997, invited University of Victoria Meteorology professor, Andrew Weaver, to write for the now sadly defunct web magazine, naturalSCIENCE, a rebuttal to an article in the (Toronto) Globe and Mail asserting that global warming was not happening.

The invitation was unanswered, so I made the same request to the somewhat better known Kevin Trenberth, Head of the Climate Analysis Section of the US National Center for Atmospheric Research, who provided a nice article within 24 hours of my request.

At about that time, we argued in naturalSCIENCE that the most cost effective way to limit carbon emissions was by a revenue neutral carbon tax combined with (pour encouragez les autres) a countervailing import duty on goods from countries without a carbon tax. Today, eighteen years later, on the CBC’s BC Almanac AM radio program, who should catch up to us by offering exactly the same solution but our former non-contributor, Andrew Weaver, now a BC Green Party MLA. LOL.