Aangirfan, in a recent blog post, draws attention to relics discovered in Israel that are claimed to provide evidence of the existence of a “real” Jesus. Among these amazing finds is a bone labeled: “Jesus son of Joseph”.

The label, however, refutes what it seeks to prove, since Jesus was not a name known to the Aramaic speaking Jews of Palestine in the time that Jesus is supposed to have lived.

If there was a historical “Jesus,” his name would not have been “Jesus” although it might, it has been suggested, have been Yeshua, or Joshua.

Most of the story about Jesus is myth derived from earlier religions, the Greek mystery religions such as Mithraism and Egyptian theology and mythology.

But whether based on historical fact, myth or sheer fabrication, the story of Jesus is largely irrelevant to Christianity, which was an invention of the Romanized Jew, Paul of Tarsus, who claimed to have talked with Jesus in visions.

All of the great Christian churches adhere to some variant of the Nicene Creed, a bunch of mumbo jumbo invented by Paul, belief in which is supposed to insure life everlasting.

From what little we know of what Jesus/Yeshua may actually have said, the religion of the great Christian churches has virtually nothing to do with Christ, and is merely a part of the state indoctrination for the management of the people. How this came to be the case is explained by Leo Tolstoy in his book What I Believe.

Understandably, Tolstoy’s book was censored by the Tsarist Government of the time as by the Tsar’s Communist successors whose own account of the means to life everlasting was as bogus as Paul’s.

For thus exposing the state religion as a scam, Tolstoy was quite properly excommunicated by the Russian Orthodox church.

From what little we know of Jesus/Yeshua’s beliefs, they were clearly revolutionary and therefore necessarily suppressed. Jesus believed, for example, in listening to the still small voice of conscience, in forgiveness not vengeance, in good works, not empty ritual, and in praying to a God of love rather than that vain, ignorant, sadistic, shit, Yahweh. This is essentially the religion of the Quakers of whom, naturally, state authorities have always had a great distrust.