Liberals deride the fraudulence and flakery of the supposed science underlying  racist ideologies, yet many liberals advance an equally fraudulent and flaky science to promote their own ideology: an ideology that promotes the mass migration from the Third World to the West, where the fertility of the indigenous people has been driven well below the replacement rate by liberals promoting every form of non-reproductive sex. This is a policy, deliberate or otherwise, of genocide that is destroying the ethnic identity, both racial and cultural, of the European peoples.

In her book, The War that Ended Peace, an account of events leading up to World War 1, Margaret MacMillan, Oxford Professor of International History, offers a fine example of such fraudulent liberal racial science.

Writing of what she calls Oswald Spengler’s “great work”, The Decline of the West, she says:

[Spengler] argued that there were natural life cycles for civilizations…

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