When I was a boy there were always one or two smart kids in class who knew how to spell unnecessary or antirrhinum, knew the purpose of a comma, and wrote in nicely organized paragraphs. Some of them went on to write scholarly monographs, novels or textbooks. But today, what of such capacities? All that seems to matter is the soundbite, the delivery of which, it is reported, will make “Twitter,” whatever that may be, into a multi-billion-dollar corporation.

Does this spell the end of intelligent thought? Steve Sailer suggests that indeed it may in a brilliant one-paragraph post, which as one of the dumb kids in class I shamelessly crib:

From the op-ed page of the New York Times:

Twitter, Women and Power


Twitter is on schedule to go public as a company next month, a sparkling symbol of innovation, technology β€” and stale, old thinking reflected in a board of seven white men.

I’d explain how this sentence encapsulates on multiple dimensions what’s been going wrong with public thought, but I’m already over my 140 character limit, so forget it.